kids are assholes

As we all know, little kids can be real assholes. Here I present a few examples of their asshole behaviours. I've worked with children for several years now, so I can easily pick out the most asshole of all the assholes.

Bro Hug

Grade 11 Russell asked me for a bro hug today. I obliged.


Turns out Andy, the speller, can also do math pretty well.

Me: Is Michael 10? Is he 14?
Andy: No! He isn't 100, okay?

Professional Development

This is a note passed to me and my colleague by a real-live teacher.

Teacher's college

Such a joke!

Professor sent me this letter, regarding a shitty assignment.


Grade 11 George asked me today whether or not I was going to pound this weekend.

Wait. What?!

The most wonderful time of the year

We went to Starbucks and asked for something festive, but coffee. So I got a French Vanilla with a mint flavour shots. It was soooo festive!